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A View From Above

It was quite the experience to spend the evening photographing and filming Zack Lystedt. Zack has come a long way since his football accident in 2006, that almost cost him his life.  At the age of 13, Zack was playing in a middle school football game when he suffered a concussion that wasn't properly detected or treated.  Zack then went back into the game and was hit a second time.  Soon after complaining of head pain, Zack began to lose vision and collapsed.  He was then airlifted to Harborview, where life-saving emergency surgery was performed on both sides of his brain; he was minutes away from dying.  He remained hospitalized for the next three months and it took him another 9 months to be able to speak again. He has spent years in physical therapy that continues to this day.  Zack’s speech is impaired and he walks limited distances with a cane.

Zack and his parents were determined to help other teenage athletes avoid the same fate.

In 2009, the Lystedt Law was passed in Washington State.  This law keeps athletes, high school age and younger, from returning to the playing field without a doctor's authorization when a concussion is suspected.  The Lystedt Law has passed in more than 30 states.

This year Amelia asked Zack to be her Homecoming date.  The night started out with a flight with Kenmore Air on Seattle’s Lake Union.  Dinner was enjoyed at Daniel’s Broiler followed by a private photo shoot for Zack & Amelia.  The photo shoot took place at Urbanata, thanks to our dear friend Mickey McAllister.

At the end of the evening, we were all changed by the experience.  It was amazing to watch the unconditional love between Zack and his dad, Victor. 

We’ll be blogging photos and video from the Urbanata shoot in the next couple of days. 

Posted on 12.06.2012