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How to create powerful nonprofit videos

One of the things we love most when we’re creating nonprofit video is being able to be real, honest, and up front.  Our goal is to capture the raw emotions of the story and the people being interviewed.  This helps pull the audience into the story by reaching them on an emotional level, whether that be excitement, happiness or sadness.  Our goal is to ultimately connect the audience with the organization, so that they are motivated to get involved and help make a difference.

The first thing we do when we take on a new video production project is setup a pre-production meeting.  The pre-production meeting is the first step in creating successful video.  This allows us to learn about them and their project so that we can pin point their objectives, key messaging, and target audience.  The pre-production phase is a lot of fun. We love to play with different ideas and strategies to captivate and engage their audience.  It’s also a great time for us to get to really know our clients and learn how we can better serve them.

Posted on 5.08.2014