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Nuvelocity is a leading full service Digital Media Agency located in Seattle, Washington. We provide video production, live event web streaming, studio and event photography and a full range of audio recording and post product services. With a team of forward-thinking directors, engineers and writers, our Digital Media Agency produces a wide variety of projects for a diverse clientele. Our commitment to a solutions-driven system enables clients to swiftly imagine a vision for their project, and work together with our team to produce dynamic video, audio and photography on time and within their budgetary requirements.

At Nuvelocity, we are a company dedicated to providing our customers with new and inventive ways to deliver their brand name through original, fun, strategic, honest and creative stories. We have some of the best storytellers in the business to help turn your visions and ideas into awe-inspired visuals. We love what we do and what to exude that passion for artistry and innovation in all that we produce. We see collaboration with our clients as an essential component to every project. Before we pick up a camera or microphone, we want to make sure that we have really heard and understand your goals and needs.

From concept to delivery, the experienced professionals at Nuvelocity are committed to helping your business and brand thrive in the digital age. It is our relentless attention to detail that that sets us apart from 99% of other digital media producers. The co-founders of Nuvelocity, Lori and Dahlin, lead the collective of video artists, audio engineers, writers and marketing experts. With a low overhead, we are able to keep our costs competitive, while our deep talent pool of the most motivated and skilled individuals in the industry ensure projects of the absolute highest quality.

We are proud of our scope of services and look forward to collaborating with you for all of your digital media projects.

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Exceptional Video

We're all about telling fascinating thought evoking stories and we love to wow our clients with awe-inspiring visuals. Regardless of subject matter at hand, we are constantly looking for new and inventive ways to deliver strategic, fun, creative, branded stories. And we have some of the best storytellers in the business to help turn your vision and ideas into reality.

Top Talent

Nuvelocity is comprised of a select, forward-thinking roster of directors, photographers, writers, 3D animators, audio engineers, and video editors. Low overhead keeps our costs competitive, while our deep talent pool creates projects of the absolute highest quality.

Some of Our Great Clients

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